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Our clients do not have to ask us to do the legwork on property valuation, market research, debt analysis and investment alternatives to help them make informed decisions.  We just do it.




WCIR’s primary concentration is on the representation of owners in the analysis and sale of investment property. Why? If the company succeeds in selling a client’s property at a price and terms that meet their investment objectives, odds are good that the client will enlist the company’s help in the acquisition of a replacement investment property.  Both the client and WCIR benefit, and a long-term relationship of loyal reciprocity ensues. 


The current volatility in the commercial investment real estate marketplace has redefined the role of the investment real estate broker. Stringent new debt underwriting criteria means that financing real estate acquisitions is more challenging than it was prior to 2008. Today, WCIR examines a client’s needs not only to sell or acquire, but also to restructure, pay down or retire existing debt. This may result in the client’s decision to sell a property, refinance, and/or infuse equity in an asset along with a debt restructure to solve capital needs.   We provide broker opinion of value analysis and related advisory work for clients on a fixed fee or hourly basis. Typically, if this service results in an exclusive assignment to represent a seller or buyer, these fees are waived or reduced.


The company’s buy-side representation has been the result of referrals from other brokers, existing clients and other sources of referrals including CPAs and real estate attorneys.  We also represent sellers for whom we have completed a sales transaction.


As the debt market has returned to active lending under the new, more rigorous underwriting laws, the need for broker assistance in sourcing and building a capital stack that meets the client’s needs, has become more important.


WCIR’s clients vary by product type, but the majority of our clients are private investors focused on hotel and retail transactions.